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Loc-BlocksLOC-BLOCKSTMAttractively Reclaim Unusable Sloped Land for Gardens, Lawns, Driveway Borders, Shoreline and more ...

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Frost Post�s


Frost PostsFrost PostsFrost posts are an alternative method to pouring sonotubes. Instead of digging a hole, setting up, and pouring sonotubes; precasted frost posts are instead just dropped directly into the hole and backfilled. This saves large amounts of time and money in avoiding small concrete load fees, and having to take the time to pour a much less attractive looking sonotube. They are also commonly used as barriers around buildings, kerosene tanks, and more.



Benches (built with wooden 2x4 slats) or do-it-yourself ends (to select your choice of seating material)

Concrete Park Bench

- 1 1/2"
- 3/4"
- 3/8"
- crushed
- bank run

  • Loam
  • Stone dust
  • Bagged calcium
  • Sand or Washed Sand
  • Silt sand




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