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Pepin Precast is a fourth-generation; family owned business located in Sanford, Maine that serves precast concrete products to all of northern New England. We are well known for our high quality precast concrete products, our extremely competitive prices, and our ability to provide the best all around service to our customers. Our team of highly-trained men and women takes pride in more than simply providing quality precast concrete products using the best materials, but also in the fact that we have built a family of life-long customers due to our extreme dedication to service.

The newest division of ,  we are a one-stop shop for all of your construction needs. For example, contractors, engineers, or home-owners purchasing septic systems, retaining wall blocks or any of our other products often find it extremely convenient to be able to also purchase not only all of their pipe and fabrics but all of their sand, gravel, stone, or ready-mix concrete for their project at the same time.


Septi-Tech Systems

Septi-Tech Systems